MarriageTeam exists to help strengthen and save marriages and give couples a fighting chance for lasting happiness. We believe a stable home is important for children to grow up well and become the next generation of healthy adults and community leaders. Many couples simply do not know where to turn for help. Most do not want a divorce, they just want to be happy again. Did you know that 94% of couples considering divorce before entering our coaching
program are no longer considering divorce AFTER completing our program?

  • Is your marriage in need of support? Perhaps someone you know needs help?
  • Is God calling you to strengthen and save marriages in your community? What is your next step to champion this cause?

Consider this: There are coaches for sports, business, music, dance, speech, voice, careers etc.—anywhere people want to be more successful or learn new skills. MarriageTeam coaching helps you be more successful and create the marriage you always wanted! We are not marriage counseling, we are marriage coaching (more on the difference here).

Our premise is that each spouse was born onto a team and developed a ‘playbook’ that worked for them on that team (or family) of origin. Plays for conflict resolution, forgiveness, self-expression, goal setting and so on. Such learning is usually latent and often by example. Problems begin when a couple gets married and each spouse brings their own playbook to their new team and doesn’t effectively share it with their teammate (spouse). Before long there are errors, fumbles, frustrations; the team isn’t scoring and both feel like they are stuck on a losing team! Marriage coaches help couples create common plays for a winning marriage – a mutual playbook that’s unique to their needs.  It is that simple and the best part is that it works!  Learn and apply new skills to get dramatically different results.


happy coupleDistressed married couples who complete the coaching program report an avg 163% improvement in their relationship and life changing results. Not only that, these couples ”love” their coaches and rate their coaching experience a 9.07 on a scale of 1 to 10! See the full results.

Whether you are looking for pre-marital coaching, marriage enrichment, or restoration coaching, MarriageTeam’s skill-building with application creates impacting and lasting change. Better yet, discover why coaching works today and REQUEST A COACH. All winning teams have good coaches!

MarriageTeam don’t get married without it.
MarriageTeam don’t get divorced without it.

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