Be a Marriage Advocate

Being a marriage advocate is powerful and fun!

How can you be an Advocate?

You can be the key to preventing another tragedy. You can rescue marriages and answer the prayers of children by advocating for marriages and families.

Below are some options for you to consider.

Refer a Friend

Helping a friend who is struggling in their marriage is a wonderful way to show them you care!


Admin support, social media, graphic design, prep food for trainings, support events, and much more.

Become a Coach Couple

Do you like the idea of ministering as a couple? Help others by becoming volunteer marriage coaches!

Give Now

Your gifts ensure couples with marital problems can receive coaching.

Church Liaison

Help church leadership learn about MarriageTeam.  Call us today and we can help.

Change happens when hearts like yours turn against the tide of broken marriages.

Exercise your beliefs in new and powerful ways by being a marriage advocate.  With more than a million divorces each year, there is a tremendous need for marriage and family advocacy.

Did you know that most divorces ARE preventable? 

More than 89% of the couples who are seriously considering divorce choose against it after completing MarriageTeam coaching.  How many more marriages and children could be spared the pain of another broken family if they only knew?

Become an Advocate

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Become an Advocate

Marriage Advocacy is something we can each do together to make a HUGE impact:


Thousands of Children are devastated every month due to divorce.

Families are breaking down into divisive relational disasters.

Marriage is becoming less and less important to our Children.


Tell others marriages are being saved through MarriageTeam!