Church Liaison

A church liaison opens doors that are often closed for MarriageTeam.

 As a church liaison, you are in an excellent position to advocate for MarriageTeam with your church leadership team.  They know you whereas they probably do not know much about MarriageTeam and how we provide marriage strengthening and saving services.  There are several actions that you could take:

Talk with your pastor and arrange a meeting with you, your pastor, and MarriageTeam so your pastor can determine if the church could benefit from any of MarriageTeam’s services.

Recruit other couples you belief would be good coaches and invite them to a MarriageTeam coach training.

You will be able to host MarriageTeam to present to your adult Sunday School class or small group.

MarriageTeam Church Counseling, Vancouver WA

MarriageTeam has printed resources for your pastor and church leadership that you can obtain from the office. 

The electronic copies are shown here: