Why volunteer?

There are many reasons why people volunteer, but our goal is to help you find the volunteer opportunity that will connect your gifts and passions with our needs.

In today’s hurry-up world, it seems there is hardly any time to make a lasting difference.

If you are like many people, you desire to help but just don’t see how it will fit into your busy schedule.

Let us encourage you to consider the following:

MarraigeTeam Coaching, Vancouver WA

1. Pray About It. Ask God to reveal where He may be directing you to help others. If He calls you to help, He will open your schedule and equip you for service.

2. Start Small. Even as little as two hours a month writing encouragement notes to couples in coaching can have a powerful impact.

3. Many Hands. You’ve read “many hands make light work.” Rest assured you are part of a bigger tapestry in God’s Kingdom to be a blessing to others.

4. If you Don’t Know, Just Ask. Getting started can be the biggest hurdle.  Just give us a call. There are many things you can do to strengthen and save marriages and families.

5. Your Passions, Our Needs. We would love to help you make this connection.

  • Are you a prayer warrior? Join our Prayer Team to lift up ministry needs.
  • Do you have a gift of hospitality? Support our Coach Training by preparing a lunch or snack.
  • Are you a great behind the scenes person? Help with projects for MarriageTeam events.
  • Do you have lovely handwriting? Help with mailings.
  • Are you a great listener and writer? Interview a couple about their coaching experience and write a newsletter article.
  • Do you like using social media? Post your MarriageTeam experience for others to see
  • Do you want to work directly with couples? Become a coach couple and help struggling marriages.

Let us know how you would like to be part of this exciting work.