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MarriageTeam is a non-denominational Christian nonprofit organization dedicated to saving and strengthening marriages.
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God has created a program that is effective for lasting change in even distressed marriages. If you have a heart to be part of the good work that God is doing saving marriages and helping couples prepare for marriage, we invite you to become a MarriageTeam coach couple. 


MarriageTeam coach training is EXCLUSIVELY for Christian couples who want to volunteer with MarriageTeam and coach couples assigned to them through MarriageTeam.

Coach training is 24 hours over two consecutive weekends.

While the training is on-line, it is not available outside the United States

Helping couples in distressed marriages

Helping couples in distressed marriages is often complex. With a proven track record of coaching more than 2,000 couples, MarriageTeam supports you through every step of the coaching process.  The greatest reward coaches see is 89% of couples considering divorce before coaching decide to stay together after completing coaching.

What are the Qualifications to become a coach couple?


  • Be a committed Christian couple with a strong desire to help other couples
  • Complete the entire MarriageTeam coach training program as a couple
  • Agree to refer couples who desire coaching to MarriageTeam for processing
  • Be willing to coach at least 2 couples a year as a VOLUNTEER
  • Have a healthy (good, but not “perfect”) marriage with a growing faith in Christ
  • Be at least 30 years old
  • Have been married for at least three years
  • Attend a Christian church of your choice

What does being a MarriageTeam volunteer coach couple involve?

  • Submitting an application/registration form
  • Completing an interview with a MarriageTeam staff person
  • Participating in the full 24 hours of coach training – two weekends.  Must complete both weekends.
  • Demonstrating reasonable competence as coaches
  • Committing to coach at least 2 couples per year (Coaching sessions are 2+ hours, once a week for about 12 weeks)
  • Participating in monthly online, skill development webinars

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What does MarriageTeam coach training involve?

During the 24 hours of MarriageTeam coach training, you will learn how to coach using a proprietary and proven curriculum that offers practical skills for marriages in all stages. In the training, you will practice your coaching skills five times and get feedback from both the couples you coach and the trainers.
You will also learn to facilitate exercises on communication, making agreements, conquering anger, bitterness and forgiveness, conflict resolution, problem solving, appreciating differences, cultivating intimacy, and goal setting.
During the training, both you and MarriageTeam will gain better insight into whether or not marriage coaching is for you.

We love to support churches

We love to support churches in their marriage ministry by serving the couples they refer for coaching and equipping couples to become MarriageTeam coaches. MarriageTeam provides:

  • Intake process. Coaching is not appropriate for every situation. During the intake process, our trained staff assesses and recommends appropriate services.
  • Placement with coach couple. MarriageTeam staff will place couples with coaches from a referring church when requested.
  • Inventory and Materials. MarriageTeam will arrange for the couple to complete a relationship assessment and will provide workbooks and other materials to both couples and coaches.
  • Support to coaches. Staff is always available to help coaches with difficult coaching situations or when a couple is not making progress.
  • Feedback and Evaluations. MarriageTeam will provide progress information to a referring church when requested and uses evaluations to make continuous improvements.

MarriageTeam coaching is effective, personal, confidential, life-changing, proven and affordable.   

Ready To Become Marriage Coaches?

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Coach Training Testimonials

My wife and I have been through a seminary class on marriage counseling and have done premarital counseling as well as leading couples in classes on marriage issues. This material is extremely well written and organized and lays out the tools in such a usable way. This training is more helpful than all the previous training we’ve had.
Vancouver. Husband

I have been leading PREP and 7 Habits of Highly Effective Marriages training events for 10 years.  This program contains the same skills, but the coaching dynamic is tremendously more effective for implementing the skills.
Tucson, Husband

What I liked most about the training is that it is repeatable, sustainable, and usable by just about everyone.  It has practical steps, great documentation, and is flexible yet has guidelines to keep boundaries in place.
Vancouver. Husband

The training was excellent and the emphasis on coaching marriages to success was a breath of fresh air in Christian training.  It is very practical, organized extremely well, and presented systematically.
Tucson, Wife

As a couple who has been serving in ministry for many years, we thought we’ve seen all the approaches out there.  This training has just blown us away and already transformed our outlook on our marriage.  I really believe every marriage would benefit from some coaching.  It’s a whole new way of thinking.
Portland, Husband

I am now a proponent for the training because of my first-hand experience. I have done professional training for 16 hours at $4,000. I have also attended 2-day seminars with only 8 hours of training for more than $600. And those were in mass settings without hands on personal training. In my opinion, this 24 hours of training is worth at least $1000 a couple.  This is “Class A” equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry. I believe the impact of 10 trained coaches would be greater than hiring a marriage pastor and would be a small fraction of the cost.
Eugene, Lead Pastor