Celebrating All Valentines!

Valentine’s Day is the holiday for sweethearts, couples and marriage. Some love it, some relish it, and others are not so “sweet” on it. Wherever you are on February 14th, the day that tradition marks for love and engagement, we pray that you are filled with love for one another. At MarriageTeam, we are all helping couples grow together in love and intimacy not just for a day or the month of February, but throughout the entire year.

We believe in God’s infinite wisdom of creating men and women to be different yet compatible and complimentary.  The beauty of the symbiotic relationship is that we each bring a singular perspective to the union.  The marriage relationship is not built on domination or control of one over another. It is built on working and growing together through life.

In marriage, like pieces of a puzzle that fit together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. With a healthy marriage, we each grow in intimacy ~“In-to-me-see,” ~a deeper and more fulfilling understanding of how two become one.  We celebrate this love and understanding on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

This month through May look for an email every other week when we will be sharing Seven Steps to Better Intimacy. As a bonus, each week we will include sneak peaks from a new MarriageTeam book to be released on May 21,  2022 at our spring Forever Valentine’s gala.  The book is appropriately named “Forever Valentines ~Keeping Love Alive 365.” 

Al and Autumn Ray
“Having a healthy relationship and successful marriage is a journey, not a destination. We never arrive at our final destination because there are always new challenges. As we understand our marriages as teammates, working together on our journey through life with common “plays”, we are better equipped to deal with issues that we face.”
~ Al and Autumn Ray

Valentine’s Day is not just one day out of the year; it is an attitude that builds a strong and enduring marriage.