Coach Training Schedule

Live online marriage coach training

The MarriageTeam coach training is now being offered Live, Online to Christian couples who want to coach others as MarriageTeam volunteers.

Couples must complete both weekends of training.

The training is FREE because it equips MarriageTeam volunteers.

There will be an opportunity for a free will offering.

With more than 900 evaluations, coaches report improvements in their own relationship as a result of learning and practicing the skills taught during coach training.

100% say they would recommend the training to another couple

97% report they feel equipped to coach another couple

96% say the training met or exceeded their expectations. 

No Cost – High Value

MarriageTeam Coach Training is FREE and for couples who want to be volunteer MarriageTeam coaches.  There will be an opportunity for a free will offering.

Other trainings use predominately DVD, phone or conference call scenarios whereas MarriageTeam training is live, interactive, and tools and skills are practiced.

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Live, Online Training Schedule

Live Online Training – All Times, Pacific Time

Saturday Sep 23, 2023   7:00   AM   4:30 PM
Sunday Sep 24, 2023   11:00 AM   4:00 PM
Saturday Sep 30, 2023   7:00   AM   4:30 PM
Sunday Oct 1, 2023   11:00 AM   4:00 PM
Live, Online Training Schedule

Live Online Training – All Times, Pacific Time

Saturday Mar 16, 2024   7:00   AM   4:30 PM
Sunday Mar 17, 2024   11:00 AM   4:00 PM
Saturday Mar 23, 2024   7:00   AM   4:30 PM
Sunday Mar 24, 2024   11:00 AM   4:00 PM

Coach Training Testimonials

This ministry brings hope to my heart for my marriage, for other’s marriages and for our ability to influence other marriages for Christ. I liked the focus and structure because it puts the emphasis on allowing the Holy Spirit to do his work rather than us.
Eugene. Husband

What I loved about the training is that the coaching process starts working immediately, the first session.  I love that the process allows for clear and safe communication with the focus on listening to your teammate and understanding.  The program doesn’t allow couples to dwell on problems but leads them to explore new options of interacting, which guides them to resolutions, improving the relationship immediately.
Vancouver. Wife

I am leaving this training with a sense of “I can DO THIS! I can coach other couples!” The material makes sense to me. It has a logical and practical system and flow that builds positive communication and personal growth.
Portland. Husband

The MarriageTeam ministry is the best tool I’ve seen to release couples in our churches to be trained to help facilitate stronger marriages. I have never experienced such a practical resource to strengthen marriages as the program that MarriageTeam offers.


Training at Your Location

MarriageTeam will conduct marriage coach training at your location (Covid-19 restrictions TBD) outside of the Portland OR/Vancouver WA area if you have a minimum of 18 couples who are definitely interested in becoming volunteer coaches with MarriageTeam.

Training at your location requires a commitment from the pastoral staff to refer couples to MarriageTeam for placement with the newly trained coach couples.  These coach couples serve their local church and community as referrals and requests for help are received.

Training requires 24 hours of classroom instruction and five practicum coaching sessions.

This graduate-level training is typically conducted over two back-to-back weekends or 4 consecutive days.  This allows time for assimilation of the skills and some light couple homework.  If done over 4 days, it does require completion of some pre-training exercises. 100% of the couples who complete the training say they would recommend it to another couple.

The financial arrangements for training  at other locations are arranged on a case-by-case basis with the hosting organization.

Please contact us for details.