I heard some good advice about dating on the radio one day that I would like to share with you. I don’t remember who said it, what program it was on, or even what station I was listening to at the time, but I’m sure that whoever told this story would want me to pass it along. A father shared a story about his daughter’s visit home from college. He overheard a conversation between his daughter and one of her girlfriends about dating. During the conversation his daughter made an incredibly profound statement. She stated that she didn’t waste her time in long, drawn out dating relationships. She had just one criteria for the gentleman she was looking to marry. She said that she dated a guy just long enough to determine whether he was someone that God listened to when he prayed. If God answered his prayers, then he was someone she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. She was not looking for someone who simply prayed to God. She was searching for someone to whom God responded.

How does a statement like that affect your own relationship with God? If you are dating someone, how does it affect your relationship with the person you are dating? If you are married, how does it affect your relationship with your spouse?

I will tell you how it affected me. I want to become a person to whom God listens. First, I have to start talking with God more often. However, if I expect God to listen to me, then I must listen to Him as well. Therefore, I must take the time to actively listen for God’s responses. I intend to make prayer a “go to” play in my playbook for life. Whether you are married or not, it is never too late to incorporate this advice into your own life. It is a daily struggle for me, but it is definitely worth the effort.