Our Unstoppable Distance Coaching Team

We passionately refer to the Keith’s in the MarriageTeam office as our unstoppable distance coaching team.   Tamron and Tiffany were trained as coaches in the Northwest.  We’ve attached their story to encourage you to consider the “planetary” reach of Marriage Coaching via Skype or video conferencing. Most of us think of MarriageTeam as a PNW ministry when we are actually a global ministry when you consider the power of online coaching.  This photo was actually taken in Puerto Rico.  Check out their story:

distance coaching

Tamron and Tiffany Keith, MarriageTeam Skype Coaches

Our story is very simple, and at the same time, very complex.  The string of events that led us to MarriageTeam had been long in the making.  When we were introduced to MarriageTeam we were recent transplants to the Pacific Northwest from the Midwest.  The church we joined was strategic about the use of small groups and their power to create change.  We joined a “marriage” life group and found it very beneficial and life-giving.  The members formed bonds amid our weekly, intimate, conversations regarding our own challenges and discovered many similarities in our stories.  We were able to discuss situations and apply scriptures to assist in resolutions. 

Marriage is worth it

Early in our marriage, we attended many marriage classes, retreats, seminars and always found ourselves leaving the same way we arrived.  We could never solve our disputes, come to an understanding, or feel like we had been heard by the other. I will never forget, we were sitting in a Sunday Service. An announcement was made inviting those who felt a call to work helping others with their marriage.  I immediately felt a slight tugging at my heart that I wanted to dismiss. 

That afternoon we went to dinner with another couple from the church.  It was during the dinner that the wife leaned over to me and asked if I had heard the announcement regarding the training.  I nodded in the affirmative and she asked if we were going.  I laughed slightly and said that was an odd question to ask.  She replied, “You and your husband would be perfect.”  I turned to my husband and said we hadn’t talked about participating.  He quickly replied he was waiting for me to agree.  It had appeared that everyone but me was already in agreement that we should participate by attending the MarriageTeam Coach  Training.

We made the right decision

We signed up and made plans to attend!  The training was just what the doctor ordered.  The information seemed to address all of the issues that had prevailed in our marriage for so long with no resolution.  We immediately began using the “I statements” coming to the realization that we had never been using the same “playbook.”  We were working independently from the very beginning.  The training impacted our marriage, our family and our lives so much we could never fully explain.

Not long after the completion of our training, our family suffered a loss.  So, we made a decision to move back to the Midwest to help our family work through the loss.  Our commitment to the Lord to help others and our desire to coach was still there.  However, we were at a loss as to how we could do so with our move from the Pacific Northwest.  Not long after our relocation, MarriageTeam introduced Skype Coaching.  We had our reservations about whether or not it would be too impersonal but were committed to giving it a try. 

We were amazed at the results

After our first session, we were convinced it could work just as well as in-person coaching sessions.  I believe the video conferencing option takes some pressure off couples and is a time saver, as it eliminates the need for travel.  Now don’t get me wrong, there is still work to be done by the coaches to develop a relationship with the couple and help them to want to plug in weekly, sitting in front of a screen to talk to another couple about their relationship.  The passion, concern, and love must still be present to be conveyed through distance coaching.

Wehttps://www.join.me/video-conferencing enjoy coaching so much that we even coach when we travel for work or vacation.  We do not want to disrupt the momentum of coaching by going on a break. The process of teaching new relationship skills and helping a couple apply them to their marriage is often difficult, but to do it with recent strangers and then having them go on vacation doesn’t seem fair.  So far we have taken some of our couples via coaching by Facetime to Peru and Hawaii.

Thank you MarriageTeam

We both are so grateful to the Lord for giving us the gift of MarriageTeam that we have dedicated ourselves to giving this same gift to other couples.  This covers the full range of couples including those who are getting along, but not thriving. Those who can’t seem to get the communication right.  And, those who love the Lord and desire to serve Him, but have not been given the tools to operate from the same playbook.

We highly encourage you to continue coaching if you’re a coach. If you’re not, we encourage you to sign up to become a coach couple.  If you are a coaching couple and have not tried video coaching, give it a try.  There are many couples across the world that need the tools MarriageTeam offers.  Let’s change lives and families together!

Tiffany and Tamron Keith

Consider being a Distance Marriage Coach

We hope you are encouraged to consider either becoming a “distance marriage coach” or to get the coaching you need no matter where you are!   Click here for more info now.