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Click and enjoy this pre-recorded 10.29 event where over $100K was raised towards our $125K Goal. Let’s keep it going! Watch and support through this virtual, ONLINE Experience.

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JOIN US and experience fascinating, encouraging, and critical information during insightful interviews, powerful videos, and faced paced presentations recorded on 10.29.20!

The success of this event requires our combined efforts to invite and remind people to participate and support marriages.  Increasingly offering services for couples struggling is mission critical right now in this complicated world.  You can support this ongoing fundraiser towards our $125K Goal!  

We are inviting people who have experienced and understand the value of ministries like MarriageTeam to invigorate our online event by personally encouraging others (via phone, emails, social media, etc.).  We need as many people to connect with us. People will enjoy this hope-filled and encouraging “event re-broadcast” coming soon.

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How Can You Help?

Your support is paramount to this years fall event and we invite you to help in three important ways”:

  1. GET THE WORD OUT – think of at least 10-15 people you will encourage, invite and send an on-demand link to watch the pre-recorded event. Think local, national, and global.  

2. Consider a level of financial support you can provide in advance of the event and bless MarriageTeam with a gift as we approach our goal of $125K.

We intend to raise over $125K this year!

3. BE AN EVENT HOST by giving $400 in support of the event. Or consider a $2000 Bronze, $5000 Silver, or $10,000 Gold sponsorship level. Keep in mind ANY gift will be of immense value and a HUGE blessing to us.


1. Share This Page

GET THE WORD OUT – think of at least 10-15 people you will encourage, invite and send an online link to attend. Think local, national, and global. Pastors and ministry leaders should especially join us!

2. Make a Donation

Consider a level of financial support you can provide and bless MarriageTeam with a gift.

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Further Event Details:


  • We areusing Event Host donations to help develop and deploy event content and logistics.
  • We are sharing this Virtual event all across the nation and internationally with our ministry partners.
  • Enjoy great take-aways that will help your marriage from Julie Baumgardner.
  • Alan and Autumn Ray, ministry founders, share how your support impacts families.

What a GREAT night!

Please call us if you have any questions.

Please email us if you have any questions. Or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.