Husbands and wives tend to spend more time together during the winter months. Here in the PNW winter rains and snow often keep couples closer together. However, being closer together in proximity doesn’t always mean closer personally.  Besides, after we are married, how much closer do we need to be?  The answer is “as close as you want to get.” Is it safe to say that when we don’t really intend or expect to become closer in our marriage, we probably won’t? Subsequently, if we don’t work on making our marriage relationship stronger, it risks getting frosty. Regardless if we are married one year or fifty years,  we all want a strong, happy marriage relationship.

Keep warm in your marriage relationship

A warm winter marriage is key.

Be Intentional 

You know, in our busy lives and culture, we can forget to keep “marriage healthiness” as a top priority. We, therefore, shouldn’t be surprised one day to realize our marriage is NOT a priority and cold winter air is blowing in. It’s getting chilly. Too often couples settle for what comes, and think, “oh well, I guess that’s marriage for ya.” Just because you are married does not mean you are always happy with where you are relationally. Checking in with our spouse to make sure things are working well sends a great message; “hey, I want to be sure we are good… I care about us. Can we check in with each other tonight?”

Any husband or wife, or any human being for that matter, wants and needs to feel loved, connected, and respected. When we feel unloved or unappreciated, we might as well have a marriage stuck in a snow bank. Wouldn’t you rather have that nice warm fire burning instead?!

Here are a couple marriage thoughts…

The last thing a couple needs is winter doldrums working a little chill into their marriages. So here’s a thought; why not share a warm, encouraging comment? Those can feel like a warm cup of hot chocolate on the heart. You could even do a sacrificial act of kindness. Well, don’t be like me and turn the laundry pink… even good intentions can backfire. However, simply reminding your spouse how much you appreciate them, how beautiful or handsome they are, or how marriage has made your life richer, can spark a new fire. Wouldn’t you wife enjoy it if you surprised her with a romantic dinner or date? What about doing dishes AND folding the sheets? You get the idea, just stick with folding laundry to be safe.

Remember to have a plan for when your winter marriage gets a little too chilly. It’s up to you to pursue your spouse. And if God forbid, things have become too frosty…or hearts have started growing cold, MarriageTeam is here to provide the matches and wood (tools) you need to snuggle back up to that warm marriage fire you both want and need. MarriageTeam exists because we know marriages require investment, prayer, and work.  We teach couples proven tools and skills and then help each couple apply them. Warm up your Relationship!

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