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Get started with couple to couple coaching that is personalized to focus on exactly what you need.

MarriageTeam is a Christian nonprofit that provides coaching and support for husbands and wives who are struggling in their marriage. Our coaches are highly trained and care deeply about helping you

Coaching will help your marriage

Coaching will help you better understand your spouse so you can more effectively handle expectations, anger, conflict, problems, and personality differences. With improved communications and better understanding, you can have a more satisfying and rewarding marriage where you work together to create the future you desire.

Your marriage gets better from day #1

While coaching offers amazing results for many couples starting day one, it is not right for everyone.  You may be wondering “Is coaching right for us?” This may help.

Have You:

  • Grown tired of the same old fights?
  • Lost hope for your marriage?
  • Thought about divorce?
  • Wished things could be different?
  • Tried other ways to help your marriage?
  • Found counseling did not help?

We Can Help You:

  • Resolve conflicts so you both feel good about the solution.
  • Restore hope for a more rewarding marriage.
  • Create the marriage you desire with new skills and tools.
  • Reestablish your feelings of love again and increase intimacy.

Your Coaches Will Help You:

  • Communicate your needs more effectively.
  • Help you and your spouse understand each other better.
  • Guide you in developing new approaches for resolving issues.

A FREE DOWNLOAD to help you right now:


You will appreciate this valuable, FREE pdf evaluation tool.  It will help you determine if coaching can help your marriage, and provides an easy first step as you consider using MarriageTeam coaching to strengthen your marriage.

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What Will Coaching Do for Me?

Specifically it will help you to:

  • Become a better listener.
  • Share negative emotions without attacking your spouse.
  • Figure out together how you want to handle anger in your relationship.
  • Learn to recognize bitterness and its negative impact on your relationship.
  • Understand and apply the power of forgiveness.
  • Create agreements on how you will process conflict.
  • Develop a problem solving process for those problems where “there is no solution.
  • Appreciate and work with your personality differences.
  • Develop a more intimate relationship.
  • Create plans for future growth.

We are not allowing our differences in opinion or desires to grow into difficult discussions that become heated. We are using the tools, especially "I" statements and active listening to first understand before making judgement calls. Often, we never get to "judgement" any more...simply listening, understanding, asking questions, brings us to a place of understanding, evaluation and decision. It was a great experience. Our coaches were very supportive and understanding throughout the process. It was obvious that the Lord has called them to help others in this way. We were in a tough place before coaching. Not respecting each other’s differences and thinking the worst a lot of the time. I have learned to really appreciate how different my husband is from me. The tools have really been beneficial and I can honestly say I appreciate my husband more than ever. I see how the Lord has put us together to complement each other and become one. I am very grateful for this. There is more joy and I finally feel like we are on the same team. We are closer and the house is much more peaceful and joyous. I think we are setting a great example for our children.


Prior to coaching, I felt like we were stifled in our communication. We were arguing a lot as we were going through several life-changes at once. Coaching helped us get on the same page again and start working together as a team more easily. It helped me feel more comfortable talking about feelings and other intimate subjects with my husband.


My husband and I have been married a long time, raised a family and have successful careers and community. We also fought with words that were unnecessary and never achieved any progress. Tears, yelling, anger and loneliness were my experience and my husband reacted by shutting down and not being able to hear my needs. We have had the same disagreements and fights all these years. We look at things differently now after coaching. We have the same feelings but we process them differently. The coaches were the best ever! They used the exercises to promote growth in our relationship. We discussed our views and they taught us a view that we did not see before coaching. We were able to redefine what was important, understand how we have our own views, and move forward to a healthy sense of commitment. The tools we learned in coaching helped us communicate, have faith, forgive, and move towards celebration of all we have done right in our marriage.


Our coaches did an amazing job at creating a safe place and daring to bring up topics that I may have not on my own. Between our business and COVID, we just weren’t taking the time to dig deeper in to our relationship. This created a system and process to do the work allowing us to strengthen our bond. We have a better perspective of each other and our differences, we exercise more patience with one another, we have put some agreements in place that will serve us in a positive way. We’ve gained a lot of clarity about our relationship and our life.


Our relationship was strained and on edge. We didn’t trust each other and would get locked into impossible conversations. We weren’t sure what was wrong or how to make things better. Our coaching experience was very positive. Our coaches were warm, welcoming and non-judgmental. We were accepted and loved through the whole process. We now have simple, effective tools to communicate and work as a team at building trust and resolving conflicts. We also have strategies for getting through difficult conversations and have agreed not to bring up the past.


There was an overwhelming sense of unabashed love I experienced from our coaches amidst the challenge, tears and joys. They always had a tender way of challenging my unhealthy beliefs, my baggage and my negative emotions. They made me feel completely safe, while still having the freedom to speak into my life. We were constantly dealing with the past and allowing negative, learned behavior from our childhood to hinder us. This program has changed everything for us. He now have healthy communication and a better understanding of each other and how we can use our strengths to accomplish goals and work through conflict together. I learned how to value my husband over my own selfishness.


Our coaching experience was positive, tumultuous, stretching and helped us to improve the relationship instead of experiencing it disintegrate. We were hoping for something different than counseling that would give us skills to move forward. The communication tools were most immediately helpful. The coaches modeling the skills helped us understand what to do. Before coaching, we didn’t have the skills or know how to express our thoughts and feelings and be ourselves. This may have been a last hope for finding help. We are a lot happier now. We are able to talk about deep and emotional issues in our lives. After 30 years of poor interpersonal relationship, things are changing.


MarriageTeam Marriage Counseling, Vancouver WA

Incredible value with no catch or risk.

We have helped over 2000 couples since 2006 and trained hundreds of certified coach couples.

Since money is not our goal as a ministry, we have made coaching VERY affordable, and if you are not satisfied with your coaching experience, we will provide a refund (less the cost of printed materials and inventory).

As a matter of fact, if you do the math, couple coaching is less than $25/hr! Just $599 for 24-30 hours of couple coaching.  Favorable payment plans are available.

The ultimate cost to you is your time. The ultimate value of the legacy of a healthy marriage is, well, priceless.

If working on your marriage is important to you, now is the time to sign up for coaching.

Marriage Coaching Effectiveness

Marriage coaching effectiveness is confirmed by couple testimonials as well as coaching evaluations.


1. How would you rate your coaching experience?

On average, these couples rate their coaching experience at 9.1.


2. Your relationship/marriage before and after coaching?

Before coaching, couples rate their marriage at 3.8, after coaching, 7.6 = 100% improvement!


3. Historical Results of MarriageTeam Coaching

More than 89% of the couples who were considering divorce before coaching, decided not to divorce after they experienced marriage coaching. 

When asked, how likely are you to recommend MarriageTeam coaching to a friend or colleague, the average was 9.53.

There are just 3 easy steps to get started:


1. Complete intake application


2. Approval For Coaching


3. Make a Payment

What Happens Next?

After clicking the link and completing the online application, we will follow up with you personally. You will then need to sign some general agreement forms. Then, MarriageTeam will arrange for you to take a fun and informative ENRICH marital inventory. This is a snapshot of your relationship that your coaches will use as a tool in coaching. If you have any questions during this process, please call the office (360) 450-6042 or email us at info@marriageteam.org.

Virtual Coaching (coaching via video conferencing)
Online coaching is available through convenient, real-time, face to face platforms. Since 2016, evaluations have confirmed that our online marriage coaching is highly effective.

Please note: currently services are not offered in California, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, New Mexico, Ohio, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia or Wyoming.

FAQs About Marriage Coaching

Learn about the difference between counseling and coaching, the cost of coaching, and what others have to say about their coaching experience.

MarriageTeam Marriage Coaching FAQs, Vancouver WA

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