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The Knees enriched their own marriage relationship as they volunteer to provide MarriageTeam coaching to other couples. Listen and learn from this amazing Coach Couple. Online marriage coaching is a powerful virtual format for couples to get the help, tools, skills, and encouragement they need.

I think a lie that the world told me about getting married was that you know you find the right girl you settle down and everything will be great. And, it’ll just be you know, up and to the right for the rest of your life, and there is no such thing as happily ever after. There will be challenges. There will be disagreements. When you are in the heat of the moment and like wow my feelings are really hurt, or there was something that happened that was just really bothersome to me, I have emotions.  The coaching helps us to step back and remember that if our feelings are hurt, it’s usually an accident. It’s very rare that the person I’ve chosen to spend my entire life with would want to hurt me on purpose. When the tough times do come, which they will, disagreements come and they don’t have to lead to fights. Not that we don’t ever have hard times. Hard times are there and they’re very real. Let’s work on it and we move past it.

Marriage coaching has impacted our kids because if we are a better team together, we are better parents. Even when we are stressed out, or you know, in difficult situations, our kids can see how to communicate. They get to see how they should talk with their friends. How they should talk with each other. I think one of the most important things for kids is to see that their parents love each other and if mom and dad are together in this. And, MarriageTeam helps us get there. They’re struggling with something and usually, it’s a communication lapse. And we might be helping them to get through it, but really, they’re doing the work. They’re getting through it, and then we learn from their solutions. “Hey, that might work for us too.” You know. that was a really good idea… that’s a really good idea we should write that down.