Who are modern prophets today, and what role might they have?

In 1 Kings 19:14, Elijah has a conversation with God. At this point in his life, Elijah was lonely and discouraged. From his perspective, his life was futile and irrelevant. Elijah saw that the Israelites had abandoned God, but he could not see the important role that he had yet to play in God’s greater design. From God’s perspective, Elijah still had a vital role. God told Elijah that he was not alone. There were still 7,000 faithful followers who depended on Elijah’s ministry. What were the results of Elijah’s faithful ministry? Elijah is known today as one of the greatest prophets of Israel.

If you are a marriage coach and you’re working with a couple who doesn’t seem to be making progress at the moment, don’t become frustrated or discouraged. The Holy Spirit still has a role to play, and you just might be the person chosen to facilitate His work. What you are not seeing at this moment is the hundreds of other couples who have participated in marriage coaching and successfully turned their marriages around—those couples who have resolved irritating issues that they tolerated for years and now they enjoy being married more than ever. Just as in Elijah’s case, you are not alone. Other marriage coaches are available to help and thousands of hurting families are still depending on your faithful ministry.