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Watch as this couple describes an amazing transformation in their marriage intimacy.

The world is very deep on the wedding day, rather than the actual marriage. We were very close to separation.  I had just packed up Axel (son) and myself, and went to my parents’ house, and we had some friends who had gone through marriage team who suggested maybe we should try it out.  You know, I didn’t get married to not be married, so we both agreed, and immediately it was the best decision for us. I felt heard by not only my coaches, but my husband, which is huge for me. 

Their story (coaches) was kind of similar to ours. They gave us a lot of hope that every marriage is savable if you’re willing to put in the work. The evaluation of our personalities showed on paper how extremely different we were. We see intimacy differently. We learn more about the forms of intimacy and creating this plan, or this play if you will, on how to make our individual intimacies one intimacy, and work for our marriage. This is definitely something from god! Rather than someone just listening to both our sides and then giving us like their opinions or feedback, this is actually practical tools that we can apply and it actually works. And I just appreciate the work and the availability to us… and the affordability it was for us because it’s priceless.