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The Germonds chose marriage coaching instead of counseling. They discovered immense value while learning skills and practicing tools that built strong communication for their future and their family.

We took MarriageTeam coaching before we were married. It was just this eye-opening experience of being able to learn how to communicate learn how to broach these tough subjects that normally I think oftentimes are kind of swept under the rug.

I didn’t realize how many expectations I had going into marriage that I didn’t know that I even had. I was just thinking oh of course we’re going to be like the number team number one. We can do this together and then I kind of was like oh no I actually have some expectations that were actually it came out in there that we were able to verbalize it is just a like a designed way to open up that communication and kind of reveal expectations that might not have been you know communicated right away.

Okay, this is how we see ourselves growing in Christ and growing raising our kids and stuff. We just felt like we were so prepared right like I mean we just we felt like we had so many tools so much behind us going into it um being able to open up to each other every single session we just felt like we were improving our future marriage.

Now that gone through it and now here we are five years later we can say anything and there’s really no judgment and we just i know that they love us regardless so whatever we tell them it is safe it’s a safe place.