Testimonials on Growing Closer

Couple coaching is a powerful tool for change.  The following reviews and testimonials on growing closer and turning away from divorce are from couples at the conclusion of their coaching experience.

We had separated before coaching and I felt very hopeless about our marriage improving. It was very helpful to learn how to talk through issues and get past just saying we were angry and really getting to the deeper emotions.  We have been able to be honest about our feelings and talk through situations like we haven’t been able to in the past. We are no longer considering divorce.

Athena, Vancouver, WA

The tools learned in coaching were better than I expected. We were on the verge of ending our relationship. Since learning to communicate more effectively, we’ve decided not to divorce.

Zee, Vancouver, WA

We had been in constant misery and anger and were considering divorce. I was worried at first about talking to strangers, but it was easier than I thought. I feel like the tools given to us were great! We have been able to discuss things I never thought I would be able to discuss with my husband. Our marriage has improved so much, we have decided NOT to divorce.

Courtney, Wilsonville, OR

Our relationship was becoming bitter. We misread each other’s hearts. We blamed each other a lot. We began to avoid emotional intimacy. Our coaches were strong enough for our strong personalities. They had amazing insight into our responses and needs. They were kind without enabling any dysfunction. Coaching was fabulous, painful, enlightening, challenging, worthwhile, motivating and life changing. She cares about my feelings and is learning to listen better. I am trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and not judge her heart and motives. We have made huge changes by making a life plan and setting goals!

Roy, Portland, OR

There were some very difficult issues we needed to work through. Though it was painful, it was very necessary. We have come through this process and are in a much better place. We now communicate better. We enjoy our time together. My husband is much more loving toward me.

Wife, Oakland, OR

Our coaches were really good listeners and understood how to guide us in the right direction.  I had been considering asking to separate. I did not believe that this could make the big changes for us that it did. I now have a belief that we can make it work. We have much better communication and the ability to work through problems.

Theresa, Eugene, OR

This took a 12+ year marriage from bad to good. Things turned around faster than I thought they could. I really enjoyed our coaches. They had a lot of insight and were very understanding of our situation. I have learned how to better communicate with my wife and our spiritual connection is much stronger.

Ralph, Eugene, OR

Coaching exceeded our expectations! We’ve been to counselors before but haven’t had lasting results. With MarriageTeam, our coaches were able to give us the tools for now and the future. They were able to tailor our sessions to our needs. They used personal examples and expanded on areas where we  needed the most help!

Linda, Eugene, OR

The coaches were knowledgeable and provided insight into their marriage and how they worked through difficulties. Our marriage was on the rocks. We were struggling with communication and dealing with life’s problems. We have brought intimacy back into our marriage. Our communication is improving and our happiness is at a high note.

Lucas, Creswell, OR

I was surprised that the coaches didn’t try to fix our issues. They taught us how to communicate so we could fix them ourselves now and in the future. We had talked many times about divorce, and a good day was when we didn’t fight. Now, we talk and enjoy each other’s company again.

Joel, Eugene, OR

I thought this coaching process was just going to be about how bad I am. It turned out to show where I need to make adjustments and improvements.  I found it to be very good! We communicate much more clearly and listen to each other with more focus now.

Erick, Gresham, OR

I was nervous about sharing intimate details of our marriage with two people that weren’t licensed counselors. However, this was quickly overcome with the flow of the program and the great benefits learned. Our relationship had been volatile and tenuous. We had a lot of band-aid fixes to our marriage problems but the wounds would often be reopened and we didn’t know how to fix them. It felt so good to walk out of each session with tools that could be immediately implemented. We walked away from the first session with the most hope we’ve ever had for a successful marriage. We now have strong and effective communication tools and finally a method to diffuse anger in our marriage. We have hope for a wonderful marriage!

Chris, Wilsonville, OR