Tuesday in Late December…

This time of year signals holidays, a change of seasons and sometimes even extreme changes in temperature or winter storm conditions. It is the season when we protect home and property from the potential damage that impending weather changes may bring. Weatherproofing means we scramble to cover exposed pipes, stock up on food and supplies, and have snow shovels and rock salt handy to make sure we will ride out whatever conditions may come our way. Sitting inside warm, safe, and protected while waiting out a winter storm gives one time to reflect and ponder the question, “Am I doing all I can to weatherproof my marriage?”

When harsh weather looms, it is natural to address the immediate urgent warnings and scramble to keep our possessions intact. Why is it, that for so many of us, it is easier to deal with things/property yet ignore warning signs that our relationships are in equal or greater need of repair or protection?
We all know that marriage can be hard, relationships can be challenging and as a people we will always have struggles. The key is that when we work as a team and have the right the tools, we can weather storms much better together. Entering marriage coaching, we can take care of what has fallen out of repair and needs mending. What a blessing that those same tools are also healthy insulation for whatever may come our way in the future.
Reflecting on the last year and looking to New Year’s resolutions, we need to remember we have a toolbox, equipped with “weatherproofing tools” for our marriage. These tools include listening to our teammate, feeling understood by our spouse, resolving conflict without blame or shame, writing our team playbook, and forgiving one another.

Remembering these tools is a positive way to wrap up this year and look to 2022 with renewed connection, intimacy, and family harmony.

Want to help others “weatherproof” their marriage? Your gift today to MarriageTeam will help couples receive tools to restore hope, rebuild relationships and save marriages in the winter months ahead. At this time of year, we thank you for your support!